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1. Should I register to use the web services?

In case you want to make a purchase of lottery to send your address, registration is not necessary, you just have to fill in the shipping details correctly.

For all operations that involve a deposit in the administration is essential to be registered in our system for security reasons.

Make sure all your data is correct since in case of a jackpot, we must verify your identity. Its registration allows the optimal functioning of our system and ensures that there are no errors when scrutinizing the prizes of the different games and distribute them.

2. How can I collect my prizes?

Once the scrutiny of any drawing is completed, the web system sends e-mails to every single player and informs them if they have been awarded or not. If so, the total amount of the prize is automatically added to the balance of the web user. If you wish to collect the prize, the user only has to follow the next steps:

1.- Access to the section `My account´

2.- Select the section `Collect prizes´

3.- Enter the amount you wish to be collected and the bank account where the bank transfer has to be done.

4.- Push the button `Send request´

3. Can I always place my bets with the same combination?

Our web system allows you to gamble the same number combination for any game, the weeks or drawings the customer wishes, all of it within the same order. 

Only by pushing the `Abonos´ (payments) button, once selected your favourite game, you will be able to select the weeks or drawing you wish to place your favourite bet or even a random one.

During the weeks or drawings your ticket lasts, you won´t have to worry about your bets. The web system will validate your bets and will complete the corresponding scrutinies and will punctually inform you of the results.

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