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About us
Since 1955 our family runs the oldest Lottery Management Establishment in our city. It was in this particular year when Mrs. Teresa Bendicho Zurita became the owner and got in charge of it, helped by her son Jose María and her daughter in law, Rosa María. By that time, the Lottery management establishment number one in Lleida was located in the centre of the city, next to the `Casino Principal´, leisure centre of the city, at that time. With the Lottery Management Establishment acquisition, a change of location took place. The establishment was moved to the hall of the `Teatro Principal´, from where it filled the hearts of many Lleida´s inhabitants with happiness, giving its first prize , with the number 44.493 in that very first year.

As fact of life, as time goes by, generational replacements are imposed and the Lottery in not an exception. In 1986 Jose María Masip got in charge of the most senior Lottery Management Establishment in its sector in Lleida, from a small corner of the great hall of the `Teatro Principal´ , where it stayed for 22 years. This building has been the most important Theatre in the capital of the Segriá region. The most relevant celebrities of the social, political and cultural life have passed by this building in different ages. We also wanted to write a small piece of the history of this Theatre by giving a lot of lottery prizes, for example, in the years 1973 and 1977, when the numbers 27.621 and 27.628 were awarded with fist prizes, respectively.

In 1986, due to decease of Mr. Masip, his widow, Rosa María Serrano got in charge of the management of our establishment. In this new period we were lucky again, provided that we sold the third Prize in the Christmas Drawing of 1989, with the number 27.624, awarded with more than five millions of pesetas shared out in the city, which made the inhabitants of Lleida infinitely happy. It was the most important prize we are aware of, in this area of the country.

After this event, in 1990, our Management Establishment was relocated again. We set it up in Francesc Maciá Avenue in Lleida, moving from the historic to the economic centre of our dear city, where we stayed until the present day. By the mid 2007, Mrs. Rosa María Serrano handed over the baton to her son David with the aim of giving dynamism to our Lottery business and try to apply the new technologies to the lottery management.

The past year 2009 was specially lucky for us, delivering two first prizes in special drawings, sharing out more than ten millions euros among our customers, and we hope we could repeat this soon!

During all this time we have gained practically unequalled experience in our sector, considering above all the welfare and the satisfaction of our customers, and we have guaranteed maximum service, personal treatment and care which led us to be at the leading edge of the lottery management establishments in our area.

Awarded Grants

Amount €
07/02/19   La Primitiva   5 3.050
28/04/18 34/18 Lot. Nacional 31079 2nd Prize 120.000
02/02/18   La Primitiva   5 1.790
02/02/18   Bono Loto   5 3.798
20/12/17   Euromillones   4 + 2 1.593
07/12/17   La Primitiva   5 1.253
23/11/17   La Primitiva   5 2.332
07/08/17   La Primitiva   5 2.428
28/05/17   Quinigol   5 8.522
17/12/16   Bono Loto   5 3.539
02/12/15   La Quiniela   Full to 15 8.172
29/10/15   Bono Loto   6 113.235
19/09/15 76/15 Lot. Nacional 22012 1st prize 1.800.000
12-01-13 04/13 Esp. Invierno Lot. Nacional 31078 2nd prize 250.000
06-10-11 79/11 Lot. Nacional 31085 1st prize 300.000
08-08-11 63/11 Lot. Nacional 21966 2nd prize 6.000
08-08-09 64/09 Lot. Nacional 25906 1st prize 9.000.000
10-01-09 04/09 Lot. Nacional 26406 1st prize 1.000.000
11-11-06 90/06 Lot. Nacional 07612 1st prize 1.000.000
06-01-06 Niño Lot. Nacional 07001 3rd prize 14.000
29-07-03   Bono Loto   5 + C 91.234,14
09-01-03   Primitiva   5 + C 52.413,57
17-01-08   Lot. Nacional 91196 2nd prize  
22-12-89 Navidad Lot. Nacional 27624 3rd prize 300 mill. approx.
23-06-77   Lot. Nacional 27628 1st prize  
14-02-73   Lot. Nacional 27621 1st prize  
1955   Lot. Nacional 44493 3rd prize  
Admón de Loterías nº 1
David Masip Serrano
C/ Francesc Macià 15
25007 Lleida (Lleida)
Customer Service:973 22 00 02
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Admón de Loterías nº 1
David Masip Serrano
C/ Francesc Macià 15
25007 Lleida (Lleida)
Customer Service:973 22 00 02
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