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1.- Choose the company or entity you want to play with. If the company has several draws, display the list and choose the draw you wish to play.


2.- Our selection of numbers will appear for that draw. Choose your lucky number and enter the number of tenths you want to buy in the blank box.


3.- Click on the “Add to my cart” button. On the next screen, check that your order is correct and press the “Continue order” button.


4.- Choose the options that suit your needs:


- Individual game mode: Default option, indicates that the purchase of tenths or bets is made at a particular level.


- Group play mode: Our website allows you to share plays or tenths with other users to provide information about the bets made, as well as the distribution of prizes if you play in a group with other people.


- Shipping method: Administration deposit. Your bets or tenths are stored in deposit in our administration at no cost to you. At the end of the corresponding draw, the web system will scrutinize among all the participants and inform them of the results and prizes obtained. In case of a prize, it will be added to your user balance, being able to claim your account deposit later in the “My account” section of the website. If you choose this option, your tenths or bets CANNOT BE COLLECTED OR SHIPPED.


- Other shipping methods: We offer you different options for National Lottery shipments. All shipments by PAQ72 of Post Office include insurance up to 100€ of Lottery. To ensure higher amounts contact the administration.


- Payment method: Orders can be paid by credit card or Iupay. Only income will be admitted to the user balance through bank transfer. If the user has sufficient balance in his account, he can pay the orders he makes through the first payment option: "User account charge".


5.- Press the continue payment button.


6.- If you have not registered before, you must do so in this step in order to continue with the purchase. This step is mandatory for two reasons, the first one for a correct users identification, especially if they had major prizes and secondly to prevent the participation of minors in the games. If you are already registered, just login with your username and password.


7.- From here the system will redirect you to the virtual POS of BBVA where you can make the payment of your order. Your completion will be confirmed and you will receive a first email informing that your order has been placed. Once we validate it in our administration, you will receive a second confirmation email of this order, indicating your shipment, deposit, etc ...

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