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Welcome to the website of the Lleida Lottery Administration number 1.

Play and win with us from your home without any additional expenses or commission.

Enjoy our services and the guarantee that more than 50 years of experience in the State Lotteries and multitude of prizes distributed.

Do not hesitate, this is your internet lottery website!


There are many rumors and hoaxes about the Lottery prizes. We give you a list of five essential things you should know if you play the Lottery.


1. When do Lottery prizes expire?

All State Lottery and Betting games, including of course the National Lottery, expire 3 months after the draw. Participation in these games implies acceptance of all rules including expiration. Once the date has elapsed, the possible prizes contained in your receipt cannot be consulted or claimed.


Important: Some administrations, such as ours, immediately add prizes to user balances so you don´t have to worry about their expiration date.


2. If it´s my turn ... How much money does the state stay?

Prizes under 2500€ per tenth or bet (depending on the game) are free of any lien. The top prizes will be taxed only for the part that exceeds these first 2500 euros. A tax of 20% will fall on this part.
The procedures to record the withholding will take place at the bank that makes the payment. Once this process has been completed, the prize is already free of charges. And always remember the most important thing, if 20% is withheld ... it´s because it´s your turn!


Example: If, for example, we are the lucky owners of a tenth of the Christmas Sweepstakes prize, we have 400.000 euros in prize money. The first 2500 are tax free, so we must calculate the withholding tax on the remaining total (20% of 397.500 euros). As a result, we will obtain a prize of 320.500€ net, once our obligations with the tax office are resolved.

Let´s say we have a “pinch” in the Primitiva: We have hit 5 numbers and we win 4000 euros. As in the previous example, the first 2500 euros are tax-free and only the withholding corresponding to the following 1500 euros (300 euros) will be deducted from the total, charging a total of 3700 euros. The identification of the bettor will always be necessary through his valid passport or ID.


3. What do I have to do if it´s my turn?

Many people ask us what to do if they have an important prize. In case the prize rises to less than 2500 euros per tenth or bet, it can be cashed in any lottery administration where the prize is paid in cash or in a nominal check, which must be collected at the corresponding bank office or entered in your account if you wish.


Prizes of more than 2500 euros must be collected at a bank, where they will carry out the corresponding procedures and facilitate payment in cash or prize check.


Very important: They can never force you to open an account or hire a bank product to make the payment effective. Otherwise, contact your lottery administrator to make the relevant claim.


4. Why are multiple bets so expensive?

That is not so, they are not really as "expensive" as they seem. Its price is directly equivalent to the amount of simple bets that would be needed to bet on the numbers that have been chosen. On the other hand, in case of obtaining prizes, these are multiplied by the bets that contain the combination of graceful numbers.


Example: Why does a multiple of 8 numbers in La Primitiva cost us 28 euros? The answer is very simple. If we wanted to play this combination with simple bets, we should fill 28 bets to cover all possible combinations that include those 8 numbers we have chosen. The same goes for all games. For example, in La Quiniela a triple costs us 1.50 euros. In order to play those three results with simple bets, we must fill in three equal columns with the exception of the match we have set to triple in which in each column we will put a result. The same would happen to us with more complex bets.


5. What are the groups (known as peñas in Spanish)?

A peña is a group of players who share economic resources to be able to place high-cost bets that, by themselves, could not be allowed. In one hand, this modality, which is put into practice with all games but especially in La Quiniela or Euromillions, has the objective to obtain more frequent and superior benefits than one could aspire to by playing alone. On the other hand, the benefits must be shared among all participants.


Important: Our website allows the management and sale of peñas for all games, whether they are their own or proposed by customers. If you have a group and want to forget about its management, contact us.

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