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The lottery can be solidarity
For a few years, at www.loteriaslleida.com we have been developing various solidarity initiatives to help raise funds for non-profit entities with products derived from the different games of State Lotteries.

Everything started in 2008 with a first collaboration with the Fundación Lleida Solidaria materialized in a rock of La Quiniela, where its participants donated part of the prizes to this NGO. After this experience we decided to study the possibilities offered by the different games and transform them into solid products that could be useful to non-profit entities to capture atypical income.

The name of the “Saquet Ple” comes from blending that of our administration with the concept of “Ple” (full). An idea always positive and that this bag not only can be full of prizes, but solidarity, help, dreams, hopes ...

n a third phase of this solidarity project we decided to get more involved in the projects by making available to the institutions all our means so that they could raise funds with our products and totally free of charge. We provide all the technological and logistical support you need apart from working side by side with them. We collaborate in the design and customization of the different products. We elaborate them with our means and we collaborate in the promotion and the online sale of them if it is necessary.

So far we have collaborated with more than 30 entities and we hope to do so with many more. We want to make these financing channels known to all entities that do not use them or completely ignore them. “The Solidarity Box”, a new edition of our experience in which more facilities are added for the entities and we hope to expand our collaboration throughout the territory.

These are some of the organizations with which they have collaborated during these years:

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