No commissions

No commissions will be charged by placing your bets or collecting any prizes. Is the advantage of gambling in an online Lottery Management Establishment!. Collect your full prizes whenever you want!

Lottery for Companies

We can make a reservation for the Christmas Drawing for all kind of companies, associations and organizations. We have available lottery since the month of July.



National Lottery participations are available for any kind of companies and organizations. We facilitate you the design and production of the participations and we provide advising in their distribution and their sale scheme.

Clubs for Companies and Organizations

We provide help in the club distribution for companies and organizations. Play and win with your workmates or finance your association with Euromillion Clubs, `El Gordo´ prize… Consult us!

E-mail service

An E-mail is vital for every transaction. By e-mail you can receive:

     -The detail of the order you have just paced, reminding if it is the case, if you still haven´t made the payment for it.

     -The number of lottery refund which corresponds to you randomly, issued by the official validator ONLAE, in the case of bets of `La primitiva´ or `Bonoloto´.

     -Once the drawing has been celebrated, if the lottery ticket or participation has been awarded, you will receive a report informing you about the steps to follow to collect the prize, or if you have registered a bank account in the system, the instructions to keep the money in it, or withdraw the amount of the prize.

     - Other information that our Lottery Management Establishment or LAE may generate and could be of your interest.


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Gambles to a fixed number

Significant proportion of our work involved with National Lottery are fixed numbers that you can gamble every week. We have several number endings and some of them have already been awarded with a first prize!. Consult us about how you can make your choice to be lucky!

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