What if the Euromilions jackpot gets to its top?

In many occasions we see boats with "dizzy" amounts in the game of Euromillions. But .. What is the limit? What happens if it reaches that amount?
EuroMillions, the European Lottery, after the special Big Friday draw of September 15 and weeks if no top-class winner is putting a record 190 million euros in the draw from the Tuesday 3 October draw.
It is the largest boat of the year and the most important in the history of EuroMillions. Only on a previous occasion has reached 190 million, which is the maximum limit that can reach the boat in the game. It was on 10 August 2012 when that round figure was put into play for the first time.  In addition, this boat will be especially relevant, as it is the first time that this ceiling is put into play since the introduction of new developments in EuroMillions, exactly one year ago. In this way, and until there are no first-class players, the figure of 190 million will remain in play during four draws (3, 6, 10 and 13 October), in which, if this amount remains unallocated, the fund that first category will serve to increase the amount of the next category with winners.
In the fifth drawing (October 17), and provided that the boat had not been distributed in the previous draws, the 190 million would be distributed in the following category with winners.   
How many times has the Euromillions jackpot dropped in Spain?
Since its debut in 2004, EuroMillones has distributed important prizes in Spain. In fact it is the second country where he has touched the boat more times: up to 82 times a Spaniard has won the prize in our country. To date, the record prize distributed by the European game in Spain was 137 million and traveled to the Madrid city of Parla in 2014. Following it, in order of relevance, a prize of 126 million, distributed in Madrid in the year 2009; and another of 121, in Seville, in 2011.
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