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The benefits of corporate Christmas Lottery for enterprises

What does a corporate Christmas Lottery bring to my company?

1.- IMPROVED REPUTATION OF THE COMPANY- 75% of Spaniards play the Christmas Lottery being the third most important expenditure per capita during the Christmas period. A very important part of this expenditure corresponds to the corporate lotteries of companies and entities, so excluding our company from this tradition can never be a success.

2.- MANAGEMENT FACILITY: NEW TECHNOLOGIES - Contrary to what many people think, running a corporate lottery today is extremely easy. The endless lists of reserves and debts between colleagues have finally ended. Many lottery administrations use free online services to carry out a professional management of the distribution and sale of lottery tickets that unlinks the company from any hassle or additional work that hinders the normal pace of work. Customized virtual windows, responsive websites or applications are already on the agenda.

3.- PROMOTES THE SPIRIT OF TEAM AND COEXISTENCE BETWEEN PARTNERS - The purchase of Christmas Lottery carries a common goal: The prize. The possibility of a better future unites like no other and is a source of talks, comments, shared dreams to fulfill and a unique expectation as to the development of the draw itself. The common game joining resources between several bettors to reach greater possibilities of prize is another slope with benefits in the social relations within the company.

4.- ADVERTISING AND DISTRIBUTION CORPORATE IMAGE OF THE COMPANY - The possibility of doing the corporate lottery in shares or personalizing the tenths opens a new advertising route for the company at zero cost.

5.- PRIZE - The purpose of every participant in a draw is clear: the prize. Everyone is looking for the Fat Christmas, but let"s not forget that this prize draws lots of prizes of stone, hundreds, endings ... The achievement of any of them is always a cause for celebration and has a positive effect on the minds of the workers.

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