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When lottery gives bad luck...

If we ask anyone that would do if it touched him the Big of Christmas or any one other prize, certain that would speak us of celebrations, projects, future... All framed in one atmophere of festivity and with a look of illusion in the eyes.

In the majority of these cases the life of the people changes to better, but all have felt any "urban legend" on ruined rewarded, faced families or marriages broken by "fault" of a prize of Lottery. Which has to true in this?

The daily ABC, in his online version of the day 29 of October has devoted an article cases known of "bad luck" between lucky. A ruthless paradox.

The first case that relates us date of the December 23, 1949 and explains the case of a gentleman *malagueny that days before the draw dreamed with a numeral, the 55.666:

"He went to the Charitable Association of the Post Service, that purportedly had purchased entirely the numeral. Over there it informed him that his voyage had been inebriated: «The tickets of the five series purchased by the president of this association had been sent, in participations of 5 and 10 pesetas, to several mails of the towns of Toro and Benavente (Zamora), Alagón (Zaragozaa) and Dos Caminos (Bilbao)». «Two days ago presented  in the offices a gentleman requesting with insistence any participation of the 55.666. It explained that it had come on purpose since Malaga to purchase it, because had the presentiment that would result rewarded with the Big. It did not achieve his purpose, since this numeral had been already remitted to the towns mentioned», added the news. In spite of it disbelief of all those that over there listened his prediction, it «satisfied and heavy» numeral went out rewarded with 15.000.000 of pesetas. A Gordo that was bought in Madrid, but that it did not favour to Madrilenian head, and neither to ours dreamer from Malaga... That not even did  with it reinstatement."

The following case is much more recent, of the Draw of the Niño 2015:

"Another also surprising case produced  in the Lottery of the Niño of 2015. The cameras of television and the journalists banked  that 6 of January to the doors of the administration number 4 of Leganés, where had sold  the first prize. Except this newspaper, anyone realized a bit further found  José, protagonist of this sad history. Over there it was he, alone and upset until one of the administrators of loterias turned away from the  general hubbub and directed to his friend, a painter that brought twenty years buying him it «décimo of the neighbours», how called it the usual customers. This was the first time that it does not go can. «I have had a infernal week with turns at night in the work, going out a lot tired to the thirst of the morning, thinking all the days that had to go to for the number», explained to ABC. During the previous week to the draw, José repeated  each morning the same: «Tomorrow I will go». «Just the night of the 5 of January finished me the agreement and remained me on the dole. I finished my last turn in the morning, as ever, and had the body and to expect two hours to the fact that Gustavo (the administrator) opened. So I went me to sleep, thinking of nine than for the afternoon I"d go for it. Nevertheless, this time did not do it, for the first time in all this time. Many of my friends yes bought it, clear, but I no. It took me the knife a lot, because I needed that a lot», regretted, before losing  between the plethoric crowd, path of house... Without that anybody fixed  in him."

The first council that any adviser will give us at the time of managing a prize is that we do it with the cold mind. The cases of people that even having received a big prize finish ruined not to know administer it are more frequent of what think. ABC in the same article speaks us of three "unlucky" winners of prizes the life of which changed and no precisely to good:

"Go in the grains rewarded also find histories of unluck. That ask it to him to William «Bud» Post: «Everybody dreams with winning the lottery, but anybody imagines the nightmares that comports», affirmed in 1993 this North American, five years after having won 16,2 million dollars in a draw of Pennsylvania. The reason? His brother reached to hire to one hitman to kill it to him and to his wife, with the aim to meet  the money in inheritance. It did not achieve it and finished to the prison, but the succession of misfortunes continued next for Post: wastes, debts and until six failed marriages. It saw  as exasperated that, even, reached to shoot to a man that demanded him the return of the money that owed him. And this that had not had an easy life: mother"s orphan since the 8 years, his father sent it to an orphanage and went through a rosary of works to be for house during his youth. And when the luck arrived him, did not know to take advantage of it. *Post, at least, preserved the life. Abraham Shakespeare, no. This juvenile criminal that reached to happen a pair sometimes for the prison for lesser faults won him *animalada of 30 million dollars in the lottery of Florida. His neighbours ensured that, at bottom, was a boy of good heart. So much it is so many wanted to take advantage of of him when won the prize. One of them was Dorice Moore, that finished cheating him because it funded him the supposed writing of a book on his misfortunes. Finally she killed him and burned his body to the garden of his house. During the trial, defined to the woman of «cold and calculator».

Callie Rogers is another of the cases. After doing  rich in England to win the lottery with only 16 years, his excess of youth played him a bad past. It wasted 1,6 million pounds in parties, drugs and luxury voyages. Ten years after obtaining the prize had wasted practically all the sum. After confessing that during this stage not even had been happy, now strains to have a normal life, far of the excesses of that period. «It was too many money for somebody as young. Although you think that your life will not change, does it, and usually no for better. That was ready to destroy me. Fortunately, now I am stronger».

With these cases seems corroborated what the money does not give happiness, but no therefore will cease to follow dreaming that the luck accompany us...



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