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Is it profitable to play a fixed number of the Lottery?

Is it always profitable to buy the same lottery number? Contrary to what many believe, we have been able to verify that yes. Buying the same lottery number every week for a year can yield 20 times more than an investment in State bonds at 3 years, according to an internal report that we make in 2014 to study the profitability of our best-selling fixed numbers during all year round, including Christmas and Child draws.
Most Spaniards think that being credited to a specific number in a lottery administration is synonymous with losing money week after week. The report demystifies this popular belief and made reference to an investment in 3-year State Bonds, which currently has a yield of 0.87% (2014).
In the Administracón de Loterías nº1 in Lleida we select our best-selling subscribed numbers for each term in 2013 and observe the number of times that were awarded throughout the year. The average cost of being faithful to the same number was 224 euros and the average profit figure would be at 270 euros. According to the calculations of the study, the yield that could be obtained stood at 20.5% in a year, that is, 20 times higher than an investment in 3 year state Bonds.
Within the multiple options that arise when making an investment in Spain, few are those who see the payment to a National Lottery number as a profitable alternative. We are convinced that the lottery is not only great prizes, but that fidelity is rewarded with benefits on most occasions. It should be remembered that chance plays an indispensable role as in any risky investment in the stock markets.
Family tradition.
Playing every week at the same number year after year is a family tradition for many people. In Rosa De Ponent Lotteries, we have subscribers who have inherited the same number for several generations. Parents selected a certain number many years ago and their children wanted to maintain this family tradition.
The most profitable numbers.
According to the internal report that we carried out, the fixed subscription number that developed the highest performance during 2013 was 51,648, with a profit exceeding 70%. The second best paid number was 25.905 with a percentage of 48.2% and the third most lucrative number was 22.012 with a 45.5% profit.
Great prizes.
Do not be fooled, when we play in the lottery, we always aspire to win the big prize and in this regard the subscribed numbers win by a win.
75% of all major prizes distributed by our administration, have fallen into fixed numbers. One more example of the advantages that can be fidelity to the tenth of each week, without forgetting that it will always be the main factor that will decide if our fidelity must be rewarded.

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