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There is life beyond the Christmas and Child"s lottery
The Christmas and El Niño lottery has already passed. And now that?

Once we have left behind the parties, the Christmas and the Child raffle, many opportunities remain. In fact, with the beginning of 2019 we have on the horizon some dates that we should mark in our calendar. In this sense, in a little over a month we already have one of the most important appointments, the Extraordinary Valentine"s Draw.
The Extraordinary Valentine"s Day

The Extraordinary Valentine"s Draw of the National Lottery will be on Saturday, February 16, in the week of the lovers. And he promises to distribute great rewards among the lucky ones. Without going any further, the first prize of 2018 was 130,000 euros to the tenth and the second of 25,000 euros. However, if you can not wait that long, you can also try your luck with the Special Lottery of the National Lottery on January 19.
Special Drawing for Father"s Day

The Father"s Day Special of the National Lottery takes on great importance as it is one of the most historical games of chance. In addition, only last year already distributed a first prize of 1,300,000 euros per series and a second of 250,000 euros per series. Therefore, it is a good option for any player to try their luck in this event.
And why not try the euromillions?

This European lottery has the Big Friday draw, this takes place several times a year when without a fixed date. This type of draws are the same as the rest only that the minimum pot that is put into play is 100 million euros. In this way, a single winner could take as a minimum all that sum of money. If, on the other hand, there is no winner this fortune, a maximum of 4 more draws will be put into play. In case there is no winner of the first category the prize would be shared between the acertante or second-tier winners.
Solidarity raffles

If in addition to earning money you are interested in contributing to a good cause there are several draws that you may like. For example, on May 5, 2018, the special lottery of the National Lottery for the Spanish Association Against Cancer took place. On this occasion, the first prize was 1000,000 euros. For its part, the second Prize took 25,012 euros.
The Extraordinary Vacation

Once the summer season approaches with it, the Extraordinary Holiday Raffle will arrive. In this period, we should not only worry about the holidays but we can also get a good booty. "El Gordo del Verano" left a first prize of 20,000,000 euros. For all this, we can say that if the forecasts are met this 2019 will be a good year to try your luck.
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