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tt30 years ago, the 3rd prize of the Christmas Lottery fell completely in Lleida!

On December 22, 1989, Lotereies Rosa de Ponent distributed the third Christmas Lottery prize

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What is the company lottery and how does it work?

La lotería de empresa es una manera sencilla de acercarte a la suerte junto a todos tus compañeros de trabajo. Con nuestro servicio, podréis disfrutar de vuestro propio número de lotería corporativa y darlo a conocer a vuestros compañeros, familia y amigos. ¡Animadles a que compren la lotería de vuestra empresa!

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When lottery gives bad luck...

We tell you real cases in those that shows  that although it touch you the Gordo of Christmas or any one other prize no always is signal of good luck.

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The benefits of corporate Christmas Lottery for enterprises

Know the 5 great contributions that the Christmas Lottery can make to your company.

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Christmas Lottery has just arrived!

Past July 11th started the summer campaign of National Christmas Lottery. With more numbers and more prizes than ever!

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